Submissions To Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC): Equality, Capacity And Disability In Commonwealth Laws, Discussion Paper May 2014

July 2014

People With Disability Australia (PWDA), The Australian Centre For Disability Law (ACDL) And The Australian Human Rights Centre (AHRCentre)

The authors of this submission agree that a national framework must be created, but disagree with the development of an “ability test”, Discussion Paper Proposal 3-7, which a person has to pass in order to be considered capable of decision making and thus to have their capacity to act (legal agency) recognised.  Commonwealth laws should not be amended to include such a test.

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People With Disability Australia (PWDA) And National Association Of Community Legal Centres (NACLC)

This submission is made in response to Chapter 7 (Access to Justice) of the Australian Law Reform Commission’s Discussion Paper, Equality, Capacity and Disability, released on 22 May 2014.  Both NACLC and PWDA have made separate submissions on the other issues in the Discussion Paper.

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People With Disability Australia (PWDA) And University Of Sydney (USYD)

We write with respect to ALRC Proposal 8-1 relating to the development of nationally consistent regulation relating to the use of restrictive practices: “The Australian Government and the Council of Australian Governments should facilitate the development of a national or nationally consistent approach to the regulation of restrictive practices.”

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