Fighting financial mismanagement

How Jess managed to overcome financial mismanagement, remove a large debt, and gain her independence.
Woman standing in a doorway that leads outside on a bright sunny day, with one hand resting on the frame and smiling happily. She has bright pinky red long hair, and is holding a white cane.

Jess was hospitalised while under financial administration and guardianship by the state.

The state guardian was delayed in finding appropriate accommodation, so Jess was forced to remain in the public hospital. She was eventually told she owed the hospital over $6,000 for staying longer.

Jess was forced to use her Disability Support Pension to pay off this debt, which placed her in financial hardship.

How PWDA helped

A PWDA advocate helped Jess liaise with the hospital, which resulted in half of the debt being waived.

The advocate provided Jess with information, advice and referrals to support her independence and self-advocacy.

Jess then used her formal and informal supports to self-advocate to elected officials, and she was able to independently remove the rest of the debt.

How to get help

Our advocates and support staff are here to help you with any issues you may be experiencing.

For support or more information, call and speak with one of our advocates on 1800 422 015 or visit our Get Help page.

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