Tell the Senate to delay the Bill

We’ve recently made a submission on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (Streamlined Governance) Bill 2019.

The NDIS needs to be fixed but we need to take the time to get it right. The Bill has the potential to lock in a set of rules on how decisions on the NDIS are made, and it’s being rushed through without enough time to think about the impact those rules will have.

We can’t afford to be locked into new rules now when the NDIS Act itself is currently being reviewed. We need time to incorporate the Review’s findings into the Bill, and make sure we fully understand what we’re putting in place.

You can read more about our concerns in our submission, which can be downloaded in PDF form from the APH website.

Will you contact these Senators to let them know that the Bill should be delayed long enough to be informed by the NDIS Review?

Senator Pauline Hanson – email:, phone: (02) 6277 3184

Senator Malcolm Roberts – email:, phone: (02) 6277 3694

Senator Jacqui Lambie – email:, phone: (02) 6277 3357

Senator Stirling Griff – email:, phone: (02) 6277 3128

Senator Rex Patrick – email:, phone: (02) 6277 3785

Here’s the official APH guide to how to address Senators and Members.