Why we are supporting action on climate change

The Global Climate Strike is supported by a wide range of groups, including PWDA.

Alarm clock with a world map as the face, with flames in the background. Text says We are supporting the Climate Strike this Friday. People with disability are disproportionately affected by climate change and responses to climate change need to include people with disability, with the PWDA logo at the bottom.

Recently, the United Nations has passed a resolution about human rights and climate change that include “recognizing that persons with disabilities are among the most adversely affected in an emergency, sustaining disproportionately higher rates of morbidity and mortality, and at the same time being among those least able to have access to emergency support”.

Human Rights Watch says that “Governments need to reach out and listen to people with disabilities, who are among those who feel, or will feel, more acutely the adverse effects of environmental change, and will be important leaders in fighting it.”

PWDA is involved with local and international work to include people with disability in disaster planning, including in relation to climate change. As a member of the Pacific Disability Forum, we stand with people with disability in the Pacific, facing significant, immediate danger from the effects of climate change.

“The Pacific is also at the front lines of climate change, with increasing severity and more frequent occurrence of natural disasters, rising sea levels and other climate-related challenges. These circumstances create a need for community-based approaches which foster inclusion and resilience.”

Pacific Disability Forum SDG-CRPD Monitoring Report 2018

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