Photo of PWDA Statement Voice to Parliament 2023

PWDA Statement in Support of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament

We support a ‘yes’ vote in the forthcoming Referendum because we believe the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament will provide a mechanism for First Nations Peoples to work in genuine partnership with governments.

Extent and nature of poverty in Australia

As a leading systemic and individual advocacy and disability representative organisation, our submission to the Community Affairs References Committee inquiry into the extent and nature of poverty in Australia specifically addresses the impacts of poverty on Australians with disability. Disability … Read more

Modern slavery

People with Disability Australia (PWDA) strongly condemns all forms of modern slavery, including forced labour, human trafficking, slavery, child labour, organ removal and slavery-like practices.[1] Modern slavery is a disability issue. People with disability face an increased risk[2] of experiencing … Read more

Australians with disability need action to remove barriers to secure, safe and accessible housing

Joint statement from• People with Disability Australia (PWDA)• Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA)• Inclusion Australia Disability Royal Commission public hearing 26, beginning 29 August 2022, will focus on the experiences of people with disability who have experienced homelessness, including living … Read more

The Experiences and Perspectives of People with Disability From Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds

Joint submission to the Disability Royal Commission by PWDA, NEDA and FECCA The Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability (Disability Royal Commission) was established in recognition of the fact that people with disability throughout … Read more

Scrap proposed Victims Support reforms and start comprehensive review with proper consultation

UPDATE Despite strong and widespread opposition from victim-survivors and their advocates, the Commissioner Victims Rights has announced that the substantial detrimental changes to NSW Victims Support will take effect from 1 July 2020. Over 40 organisations have made a Joint … Read more