No more excuses

Mother interacting with her daughter in a park, she is leaning in close and tucking her daughters hair behind her ear. The daughter is looking down and smiling.

The parents of Rina, a young woman with autism spectrum disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and severe intellectual disability, applied to the NDIA for funding for bathroom modifications that Rina required.

The NDIA refused the request for bathroom modifications, stating Rina does not have a behaviour support plan (BSP), even though Rina’s previous NDIS plans had no funding for a behaviour support clinician to write a BSP, and there was insufficient evidence provided within the detailed assessment.

How PWDA helped

Rina’s PWDA support coordinator arranged for a clinician to write a BSP while Rina’s advocate used the NDIA’s escalation pathway to expedite the matter.

The NDIA agreed to conduct a fast-track internal review, which resulted in the approval of funding for the home modifications Rina urgently needed.

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