Out of the bureaucratic maze

Close up of a woman standing at a window, leaning up against it with her head resting on folded arms against it, looking out and looking sad and lonely.

Leia tried three times to join the NDIS but was turned down. Leia found the application process particularly difficult due to her attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Frustrated by the experience and the decision as her medical team assured her she was eligible for the NDIS and she had spent over $5000 on reports and assessments, Leia approached PWDA.

How PWDA helped

Leia’s PWDA advocate reviewed her application and the NDIA’s decision, and suggested Leia request an internal review of the verdict.

The advocate helped Leia obtain further supporting evidence to address the NDIA’s claim she had not tried all available treatment options.

After Leia’s advocate established this was not accurate, the NDIA acknowledged their error and conducted an internal review.

The reviewer set aside the original decision, finding that Leia does meet the disability requirements and was indeed eligible for the NDIS.

How to get help

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