Modern slavery: PWDA submission to NSW Anti-Slavery Commissioner’s discussion paper

PWDA has made a submission to the NSW Anti-Slavery Commissioner’s discussion paper: Developing a strategic plan to combat modern slavery.

People with disability face an increased risk of experiencing modern slavery and need to be a focal point in the strategic plan to combat modern slavery.

Our recommendations as part of this submission include that the Government commissions co-designed research into the intersection between disability and modern slavery domestically and internationally; that targeted modern slavery education and awareness raising are provided to people with disability; and that the Government conducts an evaluation of the accessibility of NSW modern slavery response mechanisms.

We argue that special attention must also be given to ‘sheltered workshops’ or Australian Disability Enterprises, as they are known in Australia, to ensure employees are not being coerced or mistreated.

Content warning: This submission makes reference to modern slavery practices and abuse.

Read PWDA’s submission here: PDF | Word document

You can also read our Position Statement on modern slavery here.