Summary report: COVID-19: Where to from here?

Summary report of consultations People with Disability Australia completed with its national membership, on what people with disability want with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.


In late 2021, Australia changed its approach to COVID-19 and began slowly re-opening after the worst of the pandemic.

States and territories have gradually reduced protective measures, such as mask-wearing, mandatory isolation and social distancing. Australians are now ‘living with COVID-19’, which is circulating in our community as life goes back to some form of ‘normal’, at least for some.

PWDA wanted to know how our members feel about the current ‘living with COVID-19’ approach, and what measures they would like the governments to take, if any. To achieve this, we conducted both an online survey and an online forum for members to provide their feedback.

This summary report focuses on the online survey, outlining its methodology and summarising responses to the survey questions. For the purposes of enriching the report, we have also featured some quotes from the online forum in the report’s discussion section. Where this has occurred, the source of the quote has been clearly identified.  This summary report, along with the online forum have been used to inform our COVID-19 position statement (see Appendix A). PWDA will use the position statement to advocate for change in the COVID-19 policy area. We thank all members who have shared their feedback and experiences of COVID-19 with us.

Read our full submission here: PDF | Word document