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People with Disability Australia (PWDA) and Domestic Violence NSW Inc. (DVNSW) have collaborated to produce a toolkit designed to enhance the domestic family violence sector's response to violence against women. 

The toolkit is a package of 3 informative and practical documents designed to support a service to become disability inclusive:
Part 1: A Guide for Policy and Practice (5.42MB Word)
Part 2: Creating a Disability Action Plan (2.82MB Word)
Part 3: Practical Recommendations (2.74MB Word)

Download them all as a zip file. (9.93MB)

The Toolkit, launched on International Women's Day, 8 March 2015, will be piloted by domestic and family violence services in NSW with the evaluation informing future recommendations for best practice and increased accessibility.

Australian women with disability are 37.3% more at risk of domestic and family violence. In NSW, over 43% of women experiencing personal violence have disability or a long-term illness, meaning that they experience violence at twice the rate of other women.

Many of the services designed to support women leaving violence are not physically accessible to women with disability, information about domestic and family violence is not always readily available in alternative formats, and attitudes or policies of staff or services may not be disability inclusive.  As a consequence, many women with disability don’t get the assistance that they need and as a consequence remain in situations where their safety is at risk.

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