Submissions to the Inquiry into Current Scheme Implementation and Forecasting for the NDIS

Our National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was set up to benefit us, our supporters and the economy. But the Australian Government has gotten off track in the way it sees and presents information on NDIS funding and implementation. It’s forgotten the NDIS is a public investment scheme that helps us and supporters get to work, stimulating the economy and creating jobs for support workers.

We believe the NDIS should be fully funded and properly resourced, and the figures the government shares publicly should highlight its positive contribution.

PWDA has shared its thinking in two submissions to the Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS’s inquiry into how the NDIS is currently implemented and funded.

Our first submission (PDF | Word) , and second submission (PDF | Word) and cover letter (PDF | Word) have been published by the Parliament of Australia (APH) and shared online with parliamentary privilege. To read other submissions made to the inquiry, take a look at APH online.